Swagga African Porter – 30L Keg


4.5% ABV – 22 IBU’s

30 Litre Keg – serving +- 60 x 500ml Cups/Glasses


30 Litre Keg – serving +- 60 x 500ml Cups/Glasses

Swagga African Porter

Dark brown in colour, with ruby highlights when held up to light. Good clarity, although may approach being opaque.
Moderate off-white to light tan head with good to fair retention.
Malt flavour includes a moderate roastiness (with a chocolate character) and often a significant caramel, nutty, and/or toffee character. Should not have acrid, burnt, or harsh roasted flavors,
Medium hop bitterness to balance the malty flavour – but should not dominate the roasted malt flavour. A well attenuated beer,with some fruity esters.
Medium-light to medium body. Moderately low to moderately high carbonation.
A fairly substantial English dark ale with restrained roasty characteristics
Originating in England, porter evolved from a blend of beers or gyles known as “Entire.” A precursor to stout. Said to have been favoured by porters and other physical labourers.
Differs from a robust porter in that it has softer, sweeter and more caramelly flavours, lower gravities, and usually less alcohol. Balance tends toward malt more than hops. Less alcohol and less
burnt flavours than stouts. Fermented with an ale yeast.

4.5% ABV – 22 IBU’s



Swagga Breweries

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