Ginifer Sober Dry – 0% Alcohol – 1 x 750ml



Beautiful non-alcoholic alternative ideal for those who choose not to drink for whatever reason. As it is a zero alcohol product, it is safe for pregnant and breast-feeding Mom’s, those who choose not to drink for lifestyle or religious reasons, or those who simply want a pretty, delicious cocktail without the alcohol.

This is a traditional botanical mix that includes juniper berries, coriander seeds, orris root, angelica root, black pepper corns and garden mint. The final product is enhanced with either lime leaves or hibiscus tea. The botanicals are soaked overnight and slowly distilled to leave you with a gorgeous refreshing non-alcoholic alternative.

Perfect serve Ginifer SOBER Dry: Serve with Ginifer Naartjie syrup, indian tonic water and fresh mint.


0% Alcohol

Ginifer Sober Dry is a zero alcohol botanical extraction perfect for the non-alcoholic drink

ABV 0%