Ginifer Chilli Gin – 6 x 750ml


Created for Gin lovers who enjoy a little spice and some heat without the bite. A barrel aged Chilli gin, formulated in the same manner as the original Ginifer, this is without doubt, a mesmerizing spirit – best served in a good tonic and paired with a slice of grapefruit, a sprig of coriander and a dried Chilli garnish. Intense, exotic, unexpected and more masculine are just some of the ways Ginifer Chilli has been described.

The Chilli essence – the 14th ingredient in this exotic gin – is barrel aged for 18 months in sherry casks, this process delivers a gentle hit of capsicum that slowly releases a measure of endorphins with every sip of the spirit. It’s atruly breath taking sensation, leaving a warm taste at the back of the mouth without the bite; the heat – which is of medium volume, dissipates quickly.

Through the process of ageing the Chilli, the essence picks up tones of vanilla and smoke, and these compliment the gin botanicals beautifully without dominating the gin taste. Earthy and warm, soft and filled with flavour – it’s well balanced but full of contradiction.

Tasting notes: Juniper, Coriander and soft Smokey Chilli right at the back of the mouth.
Nose: Balances with the Gin growing into the Chilli notes and peppery tones.
Palate: Floral notes with good Juniper and soft Chilli at the back of the mouth.
Finish: Lingering soft heat with soft Juniper and spice aftertaste.
Awards: ADI Best In Class & Best International Infused Gin; Gold – Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards.

Perfect serve 1: Ginifer Chilli Infused Gin, a slice of fresh grapefruit, a sprig of fresh coriander and top it up with either Indian tonic or ginger ale.

Perfect serve 2: Ginifer Chilli Infused Gin, a splash of pineapple juice, topped up with Indian tonic water, add a fresh Basil leaf and 2-3 drops Ginifer Star Anise or Ginifer Cinnamon bitters.


Ginifer Chilli Gin is made up of 14 Botanicals and is aged for about 2 months.
Botanicals are sourced from around the world as well as locally.

This gives it a distinctive taste and smell.

ABV 43%